Correlated data, machine learning, and predictive analysis capabilities at your finger tips.


• Data Stream was created by a team of industry insiders with over 20 years of experience developing turnkey solutions for automotive OEMS and tier suppliers. This practical industry knowledge and experience has enabled us to build a comprehensive solution that reduces the need for subject matter experts, and specialized engineering resources typically required with other competing products.


• Data Stream makes it easy to scale, share and interpret your data collection efforts faster, easier, and more cost effectively.


• Data Stream reduces the mean time to data driven decisions by providing a comprehensive list of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Correlated Data

• With Data Stream, you can focus on data-driven process improvements without the hassle, and avoid delays associated with ad-hoc and siloed processes.


• Data Stream eliminates the errors and wasted time associated with multiple Excel spreadsheets and VLOOKUPS. It eliminates unnecessary effort by creating a seamless and efficient retrieval process that can be shared from the shop floor to the top floor.


• With Data Stream you can add more devices on less expensive hardware, and significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.

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Data Stream offers modular architecture and flexible licensing


If you are struggling with traceability requirements, machine uptime and equipment effectiveness goals, or using difficult-to-trace manual or ad-hoc data collection systems, Data Stream can deliver a customizable supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) that is scalable, affordable, and easy to implement.

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