Comprehensive Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Harness The Power of DataTM

Data Stream is a powerful platform built to streamline and reduce the barriers of entry typically experienced with Industry 4.0, supervisory control and data acquisition, manufacturing execution system, or internet of things initiatives.



Control your manufacturing processes with integrated PLC solutions, simplified user interface, and scalable architecture.



Enhance automation, improve quality, efficiency & uptime, and reduce scrap with with configurable modules that deliver actionable intelligence.



Integrated reporting, real time dashboards, third party connectors, and predictive analysis bring key performance indicators from the shop floor to the top floor enabling decision makers to act based on data rather than intuition.

Correlated data, machine learning, and predictive
analysis capabilities at your finger tips.







If you are struggling with traceability requirements, machine uptime and equipment effectiveness goals, or using difficult-to-trace manual or ad-hoc data collection systems, Data Stream can deliver a customizable supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) that is scalable, affordable, and easy to implement.

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Data Stream offers modular architecture and flexible licensing


Even the most demanding, streamlined production environments benefit from Data Stream.

Platform Features

Data Collection

Proven tag maps lay the foundation for comprehensive data collection.


Data Stream transforms information into actionable data and visualizes as grids, charts, and KPIs.

Data Export

Extract raw data into MS excel, comma separated variables CSV or PNG file types.

Process Routing

Leverage Data Stream’s powerful and customizable OK / NOK to build work flow where data is maintained, eliminating the need  for complex or difficult-to-maintain RFID solution.

Production Information

Improve quality and reduce scrap with built-in, industry standard KPIs for FTQ, overall equipment effectiveness, and repair efficiency.

Factory Information

Improve your machine and operator efficiencies with built-in, industry standard KPIs for cycle time efficiency, over cycle, blocked, starved, and faulted.


Guide associates through the repair and reintroduction process and reduce unnecessary scrap.

Image Collection

Enhance the data collection and reporting modules with image storage, retrieval, and visualization.


Data ingestion scales at the rate of the producer, which enables configurable, crisp, and performant visualizations.

Data Correlation

Correlated data produces a single point of truth across multiple independent silos, greatly simplifying the effort required for machine learning or artificial intelligence initiatives.


Enable lightweight directory authorization protocol (LDAP), critical for enterprises who manage access, security, and auditing on a global scale.

Third-Party Connections

Enable third-party applications to consume from or propagate information with Data Stream.

Machine Efficiency Analysis

Enhance the Factory Information module with sequence step timing efficiency and analysis, enabling traceable process change control and improvement initiatives.

Support & Maintenance

Customizable support and maintenance packages are available to meet your service-level agreement (SLA) requirements.

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